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These Easy Indoor Plants Add Green Beauty to Your Home

July 9th, 2013 | by The Update
Easy Indoor Plants Add Green Beauty to Your Home - Best Indoor Plants - Gardening Tips - Feature Photo

Decorators and home stagers often advise to add some greenery indoors. Indoor plants not only add natural beauty, but they also clean and oxygenate the air, stabilize humidity, and have been shown to increase relaxation and productivity. Plus, that beautiful pop of green has a psychologically calming and stress-relieving effect in your home.

However, that’s only if you take care of your plants! Most fake plants are pretty obviously fake, which isn’t a feeling you want associated with your home. So if you don’t have much of a green thumb, these easy-growing indoor plants require little care and add a lot of natural beauty!

Here are a few of our favorites from a list of the best indoor house plants on iVillage:

Golden Pothos

Why you want it: First of all, this indoor plant has an air-purifying quality that can absorb and strip toxins like formaldehyde from materials in the home like carpet. How neat is that? It has trailing stems and works well in a hanging basket or as a climbing plant with some training onto a trelice or whatever object you like that will support it.

How to care for it: This indoor house plant can produce stems that trail eight feet or longer, so just cut them back when they get too long and your plant will continue to look full and healthy. It can thrive in an array of lighting conditions, but low light may diminish the leaves’ variegation. Allow soil to dry somewhat between watering. Pothos does well in an array of normal room temperatures.


Ficus Trees

Why you want it: This indoor tree has shiny leaves to add cheer to any indoor space. Its stems can be braided for a tidy topiary effect we love.

How to care for it: This tree likes full sun, or at least bright filtered light. Most varieties (there are about 800!) prefer several days of dry soil in between thorough watering. Room temperatures between 65 to 75 degrees work best.


Spider Plants

Why you want it: These unusual-looking indoor plants add visual interest to a room, and they haven’t fallen out of fashion after years of popularity in the home. Spider plants come in a number of varieties, and work well as hanging plants.

How to care for it: Spider plants do well with evenly moist soil and bright or medium lighting conditions. Room temperatures of 60 to 75 degrees keep them thriving.


Snake Plants

Why you want it: It doesn’t get much easier than this indoor house plant — also sometimes known as mother-in-law’s tongue! It has variegated leaves that grow upright, and some varieties’ leaves have yellow or white edges. It has small white flowers that bloom only rarely.

How to care for it: This indoor plant grows well in a whole range of lighting conditions. The air should be somewhat dry, as should the soil. Any normal room temperature should suit it just fine.


Jade Plant

Why you want it: For those who love the look of a succulent — not to mention the ease of care — a jade plant offers thick, lush leaves and visually interesting branches. It grows slowly and has the potential to live from your kids’ birth until their high school graduations — at least! It also looks great in a pretty pot when paired with other succulent varieties.

How to care for it: Jade plant does not require a lot of water, so keep soil somewhat dry. It prefers bright light and ordinary room temperatures.

Click here to continue reading and see more easy growing indoor plants on iVillage.

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